You can apply for your past flights of victims

7/24 free of charge.

Passenger Rights

Do it Yourself
Do it yourself
Cost risk:0€
Takes very little time
(paperwork with the airline company)
Low chance of success
(70% is ignored or rejected)
Mostly inexperience
(jumble of chaos)
High stress factor
(Paperwork, phone calls)
Flight Compensation
Simple and Understandable
Uçuş Tazminatım
Cost risk:0€
Takes very little time
2 minute
High chance of success
(98% chance of success in court)
Legal travel experts
(The court ruled to pay 60 million euros)
Absolutely stress-free
(We will take care of you for compensation)
Other Roads
Expensive and Complex / Troublesome
Other Methods
Cost risk:768€
Very time consuming
(a few hours)
No chance of winning
(experience with commercial law)
Unknown experience
(depending on expertise)
High stress factor
(Meetings, paperwork, phone calls)


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With our team of experts in the field of 24/7 service to compensate for the victimisation you have experienced and to take advantage of your right to compensation of up to € 600;

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